Enter a meaningful memorial folder design for a chance to win a $400 VISA gift card!

Heritage Funeral Home is inviting applicants to submit their most creative and meaningful design ideas for a memorial folder for a loved one.  Memorial folders have been used in funerals, life celebrations, and memorial services for generations as a token of remembrance to those in attendance.  Designs are printed usually with enough so that everyone in attendance has one.  Sometimes they’re simple and sometimes they’re elaborate. 

So here’s the challenge:
Create a custom memorial folder for your own loved one.  It’s doesn’t matter how long ago they passed.

It may have words of comfort (meaningful scripture, prayer, quotes), it may be decorated with timeless photos of the honoree (youth, husband and wife, family), and it may also incorporate stock photography that represents the loved one’s hobbies, interests, passions, beliefs. 

Other examples where stock photography might be useful: seal from branch of service for U.S. veterans, logo of favorite sports team, school, charity, or maybe a stock photo of a favorite place they loved to visit.

In case you need some ideas to incorporate into the text of your design here are some that may help. 

  • Name of loved one
  • Year of birth, Year of passing
  • Family member names
  • If there was a service or tribute who officiated it or perhaps names of eulogists
  • Titles of special songs played during the service or any musicians who performed
  • Interment location
  • Memorial contribution/charity recipients

Not all of the above bullets need to be included, they’re just ideas.

Since memorial folders are two sided you are allowed to send two files with your submission.  We’re not worried about the sizes or dimensions but please keep in mind that folders are typically printed.  Your submission can be whatever size you wish though.

Entries may be submitted at wecare@heritagebattlefield.com between February 23, 2016 and March 23, 2016.  
Please include your name, email address, city and state, and attach your image to the email. 

Once the contest is complete we’ll judge all the entries and decide which one is the winner.  The winner will receive a $400 VISA gift card.  We did a funeral challenge similar to this last year and the winner was a young teenager so don’t be bashful, give it a go!

We’ll share some of the entries as they’re submitted throughout the month so you can see other people’s creative ideas as well as the tributes they’ve created for their loved ones. 

Good luck with your designs!  We hope participants revisit many happy memories as they create and commemorate. 


The staff of Heritage Funeral Home and Crematory, Battlefield Parkway. 

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