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Because of our unique role in shepherding families through the process of grief, we know that we are more than just a business; we are a key part of the local community, and that’s a role we take seriously. We are honored to serve our neighbors during seasons of mourning and loss, and to provide comfort through uncertain times.

Since this community has been so supportive of us over the years, we believe strongly in giving back, remaining visible, and doing our part to promote the community’s wellbeing. We encourage our employees to volunteer their time in ways that serve their neighbors, and we delight in working closely with local caregivers, veterans, first responders, clergy, hospices, and charities. In short, we empower our employees to make a positive difference in the local community.

Giving back is part of what we do, and community involvement is intrinsic to our business model. We are grateful for every opportunity we have to serve our neighbors in this unique and special place.

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Cherish and protect your old family photos

 by Ben Friberg

One of the neatest parts of working in funeral service is getting to see the vintage photos families bring us while celebrating the life of their beloved family members and the stories that come with the photo. We see photos from our community’s past, natural attractions throughout the years, it’s not even that uncommon to see a photo from the 1800’s. It’s hard to believe that life captured in these images was only a century ago. Even 50 years ago, life was something hard for today’s young generation to image.

Cherish your old family photos, safeguard them, scan them so they’re digital in case there’s ever a fire. Write notes on the back describing location, dates, names, occasion, etc.

During the last years of my grandfather’s life he battled Parkinson’s.  My mom would visit him daily and she would take with her a favorite collection of old black and white family photos from his early years. Even after having battled Parkinson’s for years and having forgotten close family member’s names, he could still tell you the names of his two horses from growing up on the farm.

-Ben Friberg

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